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Product Description

Roses are perfect for expressions of love and romance since ancient times! This gorgeous arrangement of White Cream Roses with white orchids is a marvelous choice for gifting your loved ones. This present is a symbol for true love, and a great gift for the recipient and you do not require to wait for any particular occasion to gift it. This perfectly arranged White Cream Roses with Orchids is sure to spread love everywhere. Also, it’s a perfect option to add a dash of elegance and positivity to the interiors of your house. A bunch of White Cream Roses and Orchids in a beautiful assemblage just to say that Love is in the Air. The roses are expertly bunched with seasonal fillers give it a wonderful appearance. The bouquet comes in a white round box which makes it an exquisite gift for your special ones. Gift this today to adorn the drawing room of your loved ones.

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